Workers Compensation

Here at Bridge HRO, we offer expert consultation where we work with your company to mitigate all kinds of risks, maximize your profits and remove the extra burden from your staff. Through our innovative and state of the art workers’ compensation service design, we have proven to positively affect our client’s businesses.

Our workers’ compensation service is fully customized to each of our client’s individual needs. We begin by listening to our clients and understanding their needs and then apply our expertise on all areas of employee safety, wellness, and health. Our team of professionals provides a timely and cost-effective support to your employees in all areas including work-related injuries and illnesses. We also offer a wide variety of training and consultation meetings for employees, union leaders, managers, and more.

Our services include:

  • Claim Reviews
  • Reevaluations
  • Complex Clinical Reviews
  • Code Reviews
  • Medical Bill Reviews
  • Financial Oversight
  • Accident Prevention
  • Assessments
  • Appeals
  • Healthcare Services
  • Legal And Compliance

Bridge HRO’s workers’ compensation system provides self-service for the employees. Our highly skilled team provides advice on all sorts of matters related to employee compensation including workplace injury and rehabilitation services. We work with businesses to reduce the chances of injuries at the workplace and help get employees back to work quickly.

A Holistic Approach To Addressing Workplace Hazards

Our workers’ compensation consultants use their knowledge and experience to provide the best risk management advice to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation for your business so your business does not suffer. We are different from other companies in that we take a holistic approach to workplace risks to efficiently manage your injuries and claims.

Our workers’ compensation model allows you to focus on core business tasks while we handle all your internal resources.


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Marketing Research

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Listen to your team

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Analyze the Problem

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