What is a Professional Employer Organization?

A professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that specializes in human resources and other administrative aspects of a business that not every employer is familiar with. PEOs can handles your HR responsibilities, employee benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, and other tasks for a fraction of a cost. This helps relieve you from many responsibilities that take away your focus of your core operations. Plus, you remain the on-site employer as well as control the direction and management of your employees


Am I too small for a Professional Employer Organization?

At Advanced HR, we work with companies of all sizes, i.e. as low as 1 employee. And we can still cut down your costs because we spread the workers’ compensation and employee benefits across a large pool of several thousand employees that enables us to negotiate rates with our carriers to provide you the same per unit cost that large-scale companies are able to get and offer their employees.


What if I need assistance or face difficulties along the way?

Advanced HR offers a dedicated team of representatives to your account providing your service literally all year long. We also make sure our payroll team is in contact with you. Lastly, you will also have an Account Manager to assist you in case you have questions or issues with your PEO services.


Do I need the whole packaged deal, or can I just get Employee benefits or just workers compensation for my employees?

At Advanced HR, we believe you can truly see the magnitude of savings and value when we bundle payroll, HR, workers’ compensation, and Employee Benefits together, however, if you are in need of just one or a combination of services, we can offer you any one or a combination of these services.


I already have Payroll and HR staff, why would I need your help?

Over the years we’ve seen companies that have a Payroll or HR department still find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing state and federal regulations or just the need to stay compliant. On top of that, companies that are growing in double digits find it even more difficult to keep themselves from consistently enforcing regulations and keeping themselves safe from employee lawsuits. At Advanced HR, we supplement and support your HR and Payroll staff with a full range of payroll, payroll taxes, wage garnishments, wage and hour compliance, deductions, ACA compliance, Claims, workplace safety programs, employee training, recruiting, etc.


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Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are valuable because they take the frustrating corporate tasks out of...