Why Advanced HR

At Advanced HR, our vast network of preferred partner companies allows us to offer new and innovative ways to meet our clients’ payroll, employee leasing, benefits and insurance needs. Our relationship with these companies helps business owners reduce costs, save time, optimize their workforce, increase revenue and minimize risk.


With Advanced HR, you have:

  • Access to more service providers than any other business of our kind
  • Specialists in every area of Human Resources
  • Solutions for companies at all stages of development – from start-ups to fully mature
  • A firm commitment to stay current on the laws that affect your industry and business
  • Savings from 20 to 40 percent off your bottom line


Our Guiding Principles



We know what it takes to build long-term relationships, it starts with trust and then continuous deliverance

Client and Employee Satisfaction

Our clients and our employees stand our top priority


We do not complicate our goals, instead we achieve them by completing daily tasks


We respect individual talents, but our business succeeds on teamwork

Corporate Responsibility

We will not forget our corporate social responsibilities as we grow